Clubs/Pubs Security Officers

When you need to provide a hospitable, safe environment in clubs and pubs, your best bet is ENI Security. You want your customers relaxed and having a good time. After a while, there might be a few problems you need to handle. We are the best at handling situations like this because of the following reasons:
We have fully trained clubs/pubs security officersWe will ensure your business is always safeYou will receive the best door supervision and security service availableYour customer satisfaction is our number one priority
Yes, club security can be a tough job when you consider age restrictions, crowd control, and intoxicated crowds. We at ENI security, however, have what it takes to ensure your clubs/pubs security is always at its best. You will get the best clubs/pubs security officers at an amazing rate. They have training in conflict management, arrest procedures, awareness, health and safety, emergency procedures, drug awareness and licensing law.



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