Corporate Security Officers


In need of corporate security officers? Search no more. ENI security provides the best and the most effective services. Our security officers have world class training in patrolling, guarding and monitoring properties against any unlawful conduct. Through extensive training, the officers are well equipped with the latest skills in security technology. This is to supplement the weapons that are designed with a professional approach. Our officers pass through a rigorous exercise and test before being posted. ENI security always endeavor to accomplish its mandate through constant supervision of our officers. With the best communication network, the company will always keep you up to date with all the information from the field. Our officers also carry with them important contacts in case of any emergency e.g. fire. Honesty has always been the core pillar of our training and this we enforce through background checks. If tight security from experienced and dedicated officers is what you need then you will love working with us. Trust us with your needs, head to our contact page to order our services.


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