Employee,Contractor and visitor escorts


At ENI Security, we pride ourselves for providing excellent security services that are the epitome of proficiency, reliability and effectiveness. Our competent and well trained cadre of security personnel find it incumbent upon themselves to put the safety and security of our clients above any other consideration. We remain at the forefront of offering our esteemed clients with top-notch security escort solutions. Our services range from employee, contractor and visitor escorts. 
In a world where momentary security lapses can threaten the lives of an organization’s employees, it is needful to ensure that your employees are always guarded and well protected when they are on the move in the line of duty. At ENI security, we understand the value of your employee’s safety. Hence, we provide you with highly-skilled and well trained escorts to ensure that your employees are satisfactorily protected wherever they go. 
In accordance with our purpose, we provide excellent VIP and contractor escort services. Our qualified and highly experienced contractor escorts adopt an all-encompassing approach while wholeheartedly carrying out their security task.
Your visitor’s safety and security is a key concern to us. Thus, our objective is to ensure that your visitor is escorted wherever they may wish to go while ensuring that they feel comfortable and that their privacy is not intruded. Furthermore, our security personnel carry themselves with decorum and handle their task with due diligence.
When in need of high quality security services, ENI security will provide you with reliable services that you can trust.


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