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Need best property protection services? This is for you. At ENI Security, we give the first priority to securing our clients. With best skills in satisfying the varied requirement of our clients, ENI Security recognizes security officers as the core segment for a secure environment. As such, we have invested in an extensive training program that ensures only fit personnel is recruited. This we do through drug-screening and background assessment supplemented by a pre-assignment test. To ensure our officers commit to rules while on duty, ENI takes a random inspection and supervision round the clock. Armed with modern equipment, skilled staff and latest technology, we approach client’s needs with all the seriousness they deserve. Our clients are guaranteed of professional security delivered through an all-time alert work system. Trust us with construction site,warehouse, shopping complex security officers and mobile patrol that will ensure protection of your properties from theft and vandalism. Contact us today and we will shield your property with the best of our experience.

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